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10 Ways To Advertise Your Business For Free On The Internet


If you want your business to succeed you’ll need customers. Some businesses attract customers naturally – but this isn’t always the case for your business. Word of mouth comes from actually having customers and then passing on their positive experiences to others.

Attempting to attract customers with hand wringing and prayer is a waste of time and money as your budget may not be able to support expensive advertising.

Here is some good news: 

Before you start advertising your business it’s important to keep in mind that some of the methods we suggest are more effective for some types of businesses than others. However, with 50 different approaches to choose from you’re sure to find several that will help give your business a healthy advertising boost. With our aim of helping you grow your business in mind let’s get started.

1. Google My Business

You should definitely include Google My Business when promoting your business. After all, you’ve put so much time and effort into making your website search engine optimized. With Google business, you have the potential of being found in nearly 8 billion searches every day. Plus with your physical location and phone number linked to the smartphone app customers can easily find you. Link up your other social media accounts too!

2. Learn Content Marketing (SEO)

Creating content that is relevant and helpful to your target audience is the number one way to promote yourself. This is called SEO or search engine optimization. By writing content that is specific to Google and humans you ensure that your information will be found by those who are looking for it.

3. Share Graphics and Pictures on Instagram

Instagram is a highly visual platform that allows you to connect with others based on shared interests. Many businesses use Instagram to build a large following of fans who are just as passionate about their work.

A way to find out if Instagram (or any other social media platform) is a good fit for your business is to open the platform and look at businesses similar to yours. Are they doing well? Do they have a high number of followers and engagement on their posts?

If you love taking pictures and using them to promote your business on social media then Instagram could be a great way to do that.

4. Learn Affiliate Marketing

If you’re familiar with affiliate marketing then you may be wondering why I’m recommending it as a way to promote your business. I’m not talking about the typical way in which you would have to sell third-party products and services – I’m talking about being the third party.

Create an affiliate program or referral system that allows others who know and trust your business to refer their friends and family to you. Word-of-mouth recommendations are some of the best ways to gain new customers and clients.

5. Publish in Local Newspapers

Many people still read the local newspaper. If there is affordable ad space available consider listing your business there. Many online businesses can also be found in large newspaper advertisements. Don’t underestimate the power and reach of the paper!

6. List Your Business in Directories

Online directories are fantastic resources for businesses that focus on local services and products. If you run a business that provides local services or products it’s important to be easily discoverable. Make sure your business is listed in local directories and online directories. Many people are searching for local recommendations online and finding your business first could lead to more income.

7. Start Building an Email List

Your email list is a powerful tool that can help you build dedicated customers and clients. For example, if you publish a new book each year your email list will be there waiting for your next book announcement. Email marketing is nearly 40 times more effective at gaining customers than social media channels.

As this statistic alone illustrates the importance of continuing to market via Email it is now more important than ever. Even better there are many free Email services available that you can use which can help you send high-quality content to grow your audience and track your success. Ultimately the best services are not going to be free. However, if you compare email marketing services before choosing one you can often start out for free (or cheap) and you.

8. Grow a Following on Facebook

Getting social shares for your small business can be done naturally but it usually takes some proactive work and advertising. I seldom pay to have my posts shared on Facebook. In fact, my success with promoting my business on social media comes from helping others in larger groups that don’t belong to me. For example, by answering questions about SEO businesses reach out to me to help them improve their website. This strategy works well for service-based businesses because it builds trust and relationships with others in your niche.

9. Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest is a powerful search engine that often gets grouped in with social media. But Pinterest goes beyond that. Users visit Pinterest to find ideas products pictures and tutorials. If you type a few key terms into the search bar on Pinterest you can quickly see if your topic is popular on the platform. Growing your Pinterest following and reach is easy once you’ve learned the basics and found a strategy that works for you. The online course called “Pinteresting Strategies” is the first instructional I followed and found success with on Pinterest.

10. Yahoo Local


Though it’s currently ranked third Yahoo Local is still a valid and reliable business listing directory. You can get a free basic listing if you’re new to the site and there are affordable premium listings available when you’re ready to take your business to the next level. Though it’s no longer as popular as it once was Yahoo Local is still an essential resource for businesses.

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